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trebuie sa schimbam timpul ca cica e 1:21 pm wtf?
i was not prepared
nice site, tallas are talent
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Welcome to Banished!

Sukiutza a posted Thu at 9:36

Banished is now looking for exceptional players of any class and spec to join our team.We are looking for team players with a great attitude towards others and that are not easily scared when it comes to progres.

If you wish to apply for our mythic team head over recruitment and make an application. Again it doesn't matter what class you are playing. 

If you wish to join as casual just whisper any officers in game. We are providing 2 raids in the weekend for our casual players.

For those of you that are interested in Boosting service, we are providing HFC normal and Archimonde kills normal/heroic for cheap prices. If interested head over Boosting to reserve a spot.

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KashifHope to see it come along nicely soon !
KashifI like this website, pretty fun. :sick:
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