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13/13M Archimonde has Fallen.
Legion, We are Prepared!
Banished is Now Selling Upper Wings, Full Runs, Mannoroth & Archimonde and Archimonde Only.
Recruitment is Open
If you have what it takes, don't hesitate to Apply to Us.

Welcome to Banished

Banished was formed in september 2015 after a long time in which we all took part in different guilds. We are a solid team that known each other for years but never had the ideea or time to form a guild of our own, till now!

Tough for this expansion we haven't focused as much on the progress as we would have wanted to, we expect in Legion and beyond to be more agresive when it comes to progression.


What we are looking for?

We are looking for smart players, players that can adapt fast to a fight, that can play multiple chars on par with their main char and players that know what modesty means.

We are not looking for imba, top logs and players that jesus christ himself gave birth to them, so please if you know you suck as a human being don't bother.


Can i join as a Casual?

Yes you can but keep in mind we are not going to provide any raids for our casual members as there is no time or desire to give content to people that aren't going to play in our main team.