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Graz#2970 our boost form is on boosting page..Please complete that and add me to friends
Can I reserve a slot? 100k here waiting. Alliance ARGENT DAWN :sick:
We will start doing boosts again in the next patch
If you decide to ever do them again, please can you add my battletag Graz#2980 please, thank you <3
I saw that you weren't doing boosts anymore, a shame :( Wanted one for the new patch. Fuck those who reported you guys. For such cheap prices, they're a bunch of idiots.
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Boosting Services

Sukiutza a posted 15 hours ago

Hi there,

Banished team is currently selling a range of boosting services for you to choose from. Booking a product from us will automatically include you in our weekly draw for some awsome rewards. Go to Boosting page and book a spot now. Don't forget after booking a spot to add zatanna#2746 to friends list.

Thank you,

Banished Team

Recruitment info

Sukiutza a posted Nov 9, 15

Hello to everyone,

Banished is currently recruiting experienced players for our main team.

We are in need of:

1 Tank (Dk,Warrior,Monk)

Melee Dps (Warrior,Dk)

Range Dps (Shadow,Warlock,Hunter)

Healer (Disc, Pala, Druid)

Before applying you should know that gear for us is not relevant, though at this time it would be ideal to have 715 itlvl. If you can handle the mechanics of the fights, not dying every single time from the same ability and switching on specific targets without the leader yelling at you then you are the perfect player for us.
Good luck with your application,
The Banished Team

Socrethar the not so Eternal

Tallas a posted Oct 28, 15

What was it? 12 wipes? Thanks for the free loot!

Click the YouTube button to be able to watch it fullscreen.

Gorefiend Down!

Tallas a posted Oct 27, 15

After a 0% wipe and gradually losing hope, this ugly tub of lard is history.

Congratulations to all who showed up for this optional raid!

Tallas a Thanks to Reportmid for recording and to Rosedown for the editing, here's the video of our not so clean kill: https://ww ...

Thanks to Rosedown we have something to work with. Here is her point of view on our entry video for our kills.

Great job to Rosedown and if anyone else have ideeas please contact me in game.

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